Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with an Audiologist

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with an Audiologist

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Do you have hearing loss? Maybe you’ve been turning up the volume on the TV or asking your loved ones to repeat themselves. Or you may be having a hard time following conversations if there’s any background noise. 

If you’re thinking about treating hearing loss, you might be deciding between visiting an audiologist or buying hearing aids online. Successfully treating hearing loss starts with the right expertise. If you want hearing aids that match your hearing needs and your lifestyle, an audiologist can help.

Why Get a Hearing Test?

Think about your vision for a moment. If you have noticed some vision loss, do you get your eyesight tested? You should probably visit an optometrist and find out your vision prescription before getting glasses.

If you have hearing loss, you should manage your hearing loss in the same way. You’d never get glasses without knowing your prescription, and you shouldn’t get hearing aids without knowing your hearing needs.

Adults should get their hearing tested every few years, and older adults should book a hearing test every one to two years.

Why Visit an Audiologist?

You might be considering visiting a big box store to buy over-the-counter hearing aids or ordering hearing aids online. After all, these options seem cheaper and easier than visiting an audiologist. 

However, buying your hearing aids online or from a box store just isn’t worth the money. These hearing aids aren’t calibrated to match your hearing needs, and they won’t target your unique hearing needs. That’s why visiting an audiologist is so important. You can invest your money into a solution that will really work.

Audiologists Have Years of Training

An audiologist is an expert in the field, with years of training and expertise to help you find hearing aids that will help you hear. These devices have programs and settings as unique as your hearing needs, and they can be adjusted to help you hear all the sounds you’re missing.

When you buy hearing aids online, you’re on your own. You may not choose the right devices for your hearing needs, or you may be drawn to features that won’t actually help you in your situation. By working together with an audiologist, you can benefit from their years of training and expertise in the field, and they’ll help you find devices that will work for you.

Audiologists also calibrate your hearing devices to perfectly match your hearing needs. This will give you a very different listening experience than pre programmed hearing aids from big box stores that may provide amplification where you don’t need it, or not offer enough amplification where you need it the most.

One-on-One Care

Audiologists provide personalized care. They take the time to get to know you and learn more about your lifestyle and hearing needs. Audiologists are focused on helping you find the perfect hearing aids that can help you hear at work, at home, or when you’re out with friends. 

Audiologists can treat hearing loss in children, adults, and seniors. They offer a range of personalized solutions to meet your needs, including listening devices, hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, or cochlear implants.

Audiologist Services

Your local audiologist provides a range of hearing health services to help you maintain your hearing health. These services can include:

  • Comprehensive hearing tests. During a hearing test, your audiologist finds out more about your hearing and takes the time to get to know you and your needs. The hearing test gives them all the information they need to help you find the perfect hearing aids that will help you hear.
  • Hearing aids. Audiologists work with the world’s top hearing aid manufacturers to bring you quality devices that will last for years. Not only that, but these devices can be readjusted to match your changing hearing needs so you can keep using the same devices even if your hearing changes.
  • Hearing aid servicing. Hearing aids need some ongoing maintenance to keep them in the best condition. Your audiologist offers hearing aid servicing, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your hearing aids are always working their best. 

Treating Hearing Loss

Are you ready to do the right thing for your hearing health? We offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, including hearing tests, hearing aids, servicing, follow-up appointments, hearing aid adjustments, and more. We offer one-on-one care, expert experience, and a team that’s with you every step of the way. Visit us today to get started!