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Signia offers state-of-the-art hearing solutions to suit your personal preference. Not only do Signia hearing aids process individual acoustic environments, they also take your lifestyle into account so you can enjoy the most personalized hearing available.
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Xperience is Signia's latest revolutionary technology platform that drives the sound processing of their new hearing aids. Signia Xperience personalizes your hearing aids to understand what really matters, so that you can always hear what matters to you.
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Styletto X

Styletto X

The world’s first SLIM-RIC plus portable rechargeability.

  • Most natural own voice* and best speech understanding in noise**
  • Long-lasting, high-quality audio streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic on/off functionality with charger
  • Lasts all day (avg 16 hours) with 5 hours of streaming
  • 30-minute fast charge = 5 more hours of use

Silk™ X

Silk™ X

Silk™ X. Innovative ready-to-wear CIC.

  • Ultra HD e2e wireless technology to provide patients with a natural listening experience
  • Binaural features such as TwinPhone
  • Robust 50/114 fitting matrix in our smallest housing
  • Eight silicone, flexible click sleeve options (four closed, four vented) for a secure and comfortable fit
  • CROS Silk X compatibility, providing the world’s first CROS CIC hearing aid

Pure® Charge&Go X

Pure® Charge&Go X

The ultimate rechargeable RIC.

  • Advanced, high-tech Bluetooth streaming of music, phone calls, and TV
  • 16% smaller hearing aid design
  • 20% increased battery capacity
  • New rocker switch
  • Available in 2 new colors
  • Automatic on/off functionality with charger

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