The Tinnitus Doctor

The Tinnitus Doctor

At Kelly Dyson's The Tinnitus Doctor Podcast, we discuss sound sensitivity disorders (hyperacusis, misophonia) , noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus, tinnitus maskers, custom hearing protection, hearing loss and hearing aids.

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Maximize Patient Benefits from Advanced Hearing

Dr. Dyson in The Hearing Journal

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to make advances in hearing technology, one element must not be forgotten: the patient. Technological breakthroughs continue to impress, but specific attention to a personalized patient experience must remain at the forefront. With greater advancements than ever before, audiologists today have the opportunity to improve patients’ hearing outcomes in an unprecedented way. But how can they maximize this opportunity to bridge the gap between patient needs and complex technology and pave a clearer path toward optimum hearing aid satisfaction?

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Fingers in Ears

What is misophonia, the condition that makes you hate certain sounds?

Now that I’ve been sequestered in my home for what seems like centuries, I find that the noises of neighborhood life annoy and distract me even more than they usually do. It's more than just annoying; my brain can't focus when I hear certain sounds, forcing me to readjust myself when trying to tackle even the simplest of tasks. As you can imagine, it’s incredibly frustrating. I can confidently say these are symptoms of misophonia, a neurological condition in which certain sounds trigger negative emotional or physiological responses.

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What Patients Want When Resuming In-Person Doctor’s Office Visits

While there are some promising vaccine trials in progress now, the truth is that the country is still very much in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Officials are urging people to avoid activities that could potentially spread the virus, but there are many people who cannot stop seeing their doctors altogether. Because of this, healthcare providers are having to consider reopening medical practices.
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All About Tinnitus

All About Tinnitus- Episode 35 with Dr. Kelly Dyson

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The Doctor Whisperer Show

TDW Show feat: Dr. Kelly Dyson discusses audiology during COVID-19

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BUSTLE - The 3 Best White Noise Machines For Tinnitus

If your ears are always ringing, the best white noise machines for tinnitus may be able to help. Bustle touched base with Dr. Kelly Dyson — a board certified audiologist and tinnitus sufferer herself — to find out what features to look for in this kind of device.

Dr. Dyson says the more variety of sounds a noise machine offers, the better it is for tinnitus sufferers. “When patients can invest in a unit with more sounds, they may have an option for ‘sounds of the forest’ or ‘rainstorm.’ This is helpful for folks who have a tinnitus that pulses or is not just a single, steady sound.” she says.

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Dr. Dyson on All About You | Episode 32

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All About You
the doctor whisperer

A lifelong tinnitus sufferer, she empathizes with those experiencing sound sensitivity disorders. She performs diagnostic audiological testing, comprehensive tinnitus evaluations and tinnitus retraining therapy. A Board Certified audiologist, she holds a Doctor of Audiology Degree from A.T. Still University's Arizona School of Health Sciences, a Master's Degree in Audiology and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of North Texas.

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