How do you live with tinnitus?

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Tinnitus is experienced as the perception of noise, such as ringing, buzzing, or hissing, in the absence of external sound, affecting over 25 million American adults. While the exact cause can vary, including exposure to certain medications, Meniere’s disease, or sensorineural hearing loss, it often intensifies with stress, certain dietary …

What Types Of Hearing Aids Are Healthy For The Ears?

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If you’re noticing a decline in your hearing, your audiologist would recommend using a hearing aid. Are these healthy? Which ones to use? Let’s find out. Safety & Efficacy of Hearing Aids Hearing aids are generally safe, healthy, and effective. They work to amplify sound, helping those with hearing difficulties. …

Understanding Invisible-In-Canal Hearing Aids

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We’ve just published a new overview of Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids on In this post, we’ll delve into the intricate engineering that allows these devices to pack powerful technology into such a compact form, explore how they can be customized to fit your unique ear anatomy, and discuss the benefits …

Open Enrollment For Hearing Aid Benefits is Approaching

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Dr. Jodi Conter, with Gardner Audiology, offers her advice on choosing a Medicare Advantage plan: “Open enrollment for Medicare is just around the corner. I am often asked by my patients, “Which Medicare Advantage plan has the best hearing aid benefits?” There are many variables to that question, and I …

What are the best hearing aid brands available in Largo?

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Deciding to enhance your life by getting hearing aids can be both thrilling and daunting. A frequent question our Largo Audiology Doctors encounter is, “which hearing aid brand is the best?” It’s not a straightforward answer. We collaborate with six major hearing aid manufacturers, each offering distinct sound processing suited …

Dr. Jodi Conter Shares Experience Living With Tinnitus

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Dr. Jodi Conter, has provided a comprehensive overview of what it’s like to live with tinnitus, drawing from her personal experiences with the condition. Facing the daily challenges of tinnitus herself, Dr. Conter deeply understands the mental and emotional strain it can impose. This unique, firsthand perspective has been pivotal …

Largo, FL: Humana’s Medicare Advantage & Hearing Aid Benefits

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Curious if your Medicare plan covers hearing aids? While standard Medicare doesn’t, Medicare Advantage plans like Humana Medicare and Humana Gold Plus might offer discounts or coverage for new hearing aids. Learn more in the latest Gardner Audiology post.

Gardner Audiology Publishes 2023 Phonak Overview

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The Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology have once again showcased their commitment to advancing the field of audiology and serving their patients with informed choices. In their most recent post, these experts delve deep into an extensive overview of Phonak hearing aids. This comprehensive review not only highlights the …