Reviewing Benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing

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The Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network with not only Florida Blue, but we’re a preferred in-network provider for all Blue Cross Blue Shield contracts! The amount of benefit will depend on what type of plan you have. If your health insurance is through your employer, benefits are dependent on the …

What Largo and Pinellas County Providers Carry Cigna Insurance?

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We are often asked if insurance covers the cost of hearing aids. While there’s not one blanket answer, many Cigna plans do offer benefits or discounts towards the purchase of hearing aids!  The amount of your discount/benefit will depend on what type of plan you have.  Continue reading…

Premier United Healthcare Hearing Aid Providers

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In Largo, Gardner Audiology hearing doctors are credentialled with United Healthcare Hearing. They can help you make sense of your insurance coverage and navigate you through the insurance process with no surprises.   United Healthcare plans vary based on your employer, the state the plan is based out of, and what …

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Mood

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Mood?

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Hearing loss is a common problem among older adults, affecting approximately one in three people over the age of 65. While many people are aware of the physical effects of hearing loss, such as difficulty understanding speech and sounds, few may realize the emotional impact that hearing loss can have …

All About Digital Hearing Aids

All About Digital Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have come a long way in terms of technology, with a variety of shapes, types, and sound qualities to choose from. If sound quality is important to you, understanding the differences between analog and digital hearing aids is crucial. In this article, we will discuss the differences between …